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We begin our process by assessing each project on a case by case basis.
No two homes will ever have the exact same mortar color and texture. Furthermore, mortar color and texture can be different at various points around each home.
When your home was constructed it is highly unlikely that the same person mixed the same mortar the same way throughout the construction process. Most likely there were many people mixing the mortar, each with their own technique.
In addition, over time, mold and mildew will tend to grow in the pores of your masonry siding. The amount present can vary due to the amounts of sunlight, shade, moisture and wind conditions each area of the home receives and will continually fluctuate throughout the year.
As well, due to the path water takes during the evaporation process. You will also notice that the color of the mortar varies from the top of the wall to the bottom. With that which is closest to the ground being the darkest.
As you move up the wall to the middle, the mortar should become noticeably lighter in color. Continuing upward to the highest section of the wall the mortar color should darken again to a medium color.

Taking all of these variables into account, CleanFlow takes readings from all 3 elevations in at least 5 areas around your home to create your mortar match. In some cases more than one mortar match may be necessary.
In many cases it will become necessary to remove and replace cracked or broken brick. Please take comfort in knowing that we focus a great deal of attention on this detail as we have one of the largest selections of brick available.
Once we have determined the brick and mortar match, we begin the process of removing damaged brick and mortar joints. We remove all loose mortar and make sure that all surfaces are very clean to insure a solid bond with the new mortar.

Included in this process, we will shift any wall sections that have shifted inside or outside the original alignment, in addition we insure that all mortar joints in the repaired areas are of similar size, shape and texture. Unless otherwise specified we begin our process on one corner of the home and begin making our way around the home repairing everything along our path until we have reached the point of origin.

Next, we perform the first of two cleaning processes. During this first process we are removing any and all dust and debris from the areas to be repaired.

Now we are ready to start putting it all back together. First we replace any brick that we may have removed if applicable, we then continue around the home replacing any mortar joints that were removed. We are careful to make sure that every joint is completely filled with new mortar.

We allow the mortar to set for a brief period of time before we begin the striking or jointing process. This is the process in which we begin "tooling" out the mortar joints including brushing the repaired area. This step insures that the new joints are the exact same shape and texture as the old ones. This is an important part of making your repairs virtually disappear.

Once this phase is complete we allow the mortar to dry before we begin the second of the two cleaning processes. In this final wash we use a mild acid and water solution to clean any residual mortar smearing from the surface of the brick as well as the exposed surfaces of the mortar joints. This leaves the repaired areas crisp, clean, and virtually undetectable.

Once we have completed your repairs it is virtually impossible to identify which areas have been repaired and which areas have not. Our repairs are intended to last indefinitely, because we do not simply mask the problem.


  • Roof Installation, Repair and Maintenance
  • Rain Gutter Installation, Cleaning and Repair
  • Masonry: Bricks and Pavers
  • Steps, Sidewalks, Patios, and Driveways